Matrix DevOps

Matrix DevOps is a company that provides medium and large software development firms with efficient, focused outsourcing. They take care of tasks like analysis & assessment; setup/upgrades – including licensing sales optimization for both long term success or short-term needs (SLAs); training employees about new technologies so they can better use them within their jobs.


Peled is a company that is fully family-owned, has existed for about 70 years and is currently located at the Hadassim Even Yehuda / Kadima junction.
The company is a leading Israeli company in its field engaged in the import and marketing of a wide range of tools and technical equipment for the wholesale sector throughout the country.
All the products and technical equipment displayed in the dynamic catalog on the company’s website are in the company’s possession continuously, with immediate availability and fast delivery.


PayKey is always looking for ways to make banking easier, safer and more engaging. They’re out there in the market with an ambitious team of passionate people who are determined not only win but also leave their mark on this old industry!


Innovative technology is changing the way we live our lives. The first of its kind in the world, this innovative company has shown to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety levels among other things—allowing people more peaceful rest while also solving problems that arise during daily life functioning such as chronic pain or depression. Truly a game-changer for those who have been struggling with their mental health.


Amron is a high-performance company specializing in Advanced Energy Systems, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation for business clients. The team has been operating since 1991 in Israel with its focus being on installation methods that cater to individual needs by providing solutions such as energy-saving systems; control devices dedicated to regulating comfort levels through controlling ventilation rates or temperature fluctuations at different locations throughout buildings without disrupting productivity – these can be controlled remotely via mobile apps so employees never miss out on crucial information about their environment! They also offer cooling towers depending upon what industry you work within–from food production facilities all way down.

Meshek Energy

Meshek Energy is a company that has been dedicated to renewable energies in Israel since the early days of its inception. It continues expanding upon these interests by initiating new projects, building on existing ones, and becoming more integrated within electricity generation from sustainable sources all across this country’s landscape – supporting efforts both local & global at once!


The GK8 team has combined their expertise and knowledge of cyber security to create an innovative product that helps protect businesses from hackers.

Gindi Studio

The  studio’s team of 25 creative designers, architects, and engineers are the “wow makers”. They offer a variety of interior environments that people love working in. Their designs break down boundaries between various spaces while still maintaining an intelligent design aesthetic for each project they take on – all this is possible thanks to their combined efforts as part-time agency employees who maintain full-time commitments at The Studio!

Gadish Group

The Gadish Group is one of Israel’s largest and most prominent engineering companies.

They provide a wide range services that include construction, project management for public works projects in both urban environments as well rural areas across the country.

With accumulated experience from hundreds if not thousands upon thousand searches conducted throughout Israel under his leadership we take great pride at managing significant infrastructure initiatives locally while also being able to offer global tenders outside its borders too.


A family-owned business that has been in operation since 1989. The company was founded by Fritz Copperschmid, who still leads their operations today with his son at the head of production and design teams to meet customer demand for high-quality products from machines or assemblies made using advanced electromechanical technology. They also sell wires accessories such as cables which includes cable assembly into finished product level service offerings – all backed up by world-class logistics services.