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Matrix DevOps is a company that provides medium and large software development firms with efficient, focused outsourcing. They take care of tasks like analysis & assessment; setup/upgrades – including licensing sales optimization for both long term success or short-term needs (SLAs); training employees about new technologies so they can better use them within their jobs.



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The work we do is special and important to us

We have spent a lot of time and effort on our client's main pages.

Home Page

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Events Page

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Events Filters

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Event Inner Page

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Event Inner Page with Gallery

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Resources Page

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Album Inner Page

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Career Page

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Tools Page

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Event Management

Matrix DevOps needed a way to publicize their upcoming events and showcase past ones on the website, as well as the ability to let people register to the event and set reservations with ability to add an event to a calendar (Google, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo and Apple).

We worked closely together in order build an event section of this site which now allows them add new events easily, create gallery containing photos from each occasion, show speaker lists, get leads and more.

With the new event registration system, Matrix DevOps team can manage events in a more organized and efficient way.

Custom WordPress Plugin

From the admin side we developed a custom WordPress plugin to manage all leads who registered to the events.

And more:

  • Custom Ajax filter
  • Webinars, Albums, PR, Blog
  • Careers
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