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Peled is a company that is fully family-owned, has existed for about 70 years and is currently located at the Hadassim Even Yehuda / Kadima junction.
The company is a leading Israeli company in its field engaged in the import and marketing of a wide range of tools and technical equipment for the wholesale sector throughout the country.
All the products and technical equipment displayed in the dynamic catalog on the company’s website are in the company’s possession continuously, with immediate availability and fast delivery.



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The work we do is special and important to us

We have spent a lot of time and effort on our client's main pages.

Home Page

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Shop Page

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Login / Account Page

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Product Page

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Customers-only Popup

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Laboratory Page

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FAQ Page

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Custom Ajax Live search

The new site has a custom search function that makes finding products easy for website visitors. Tracking down the right product is now simple and quick.

Product Filtering (Ajax filters on sidebar)

Peled is home to different types of products, different brands. In order to help the visitor narrow down their search to the categories or brands they are interested in, a number of filters have been set up.

API integration with Priority (ERP Software)

The integration of products, customers and orders with Priority ERP is what we specialize in. Our team will be able to provide you a seamless experience that meets your needs.

And more:

  • Woocommerce products catalog and custom products presentation (partly visibility for not logged-in users)
  • Custom checkout process
  • Videos Library, FAQ, Events
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